1. When should I incorporate AFTERMATH? 

Take Aftermath the first day after your last tablet of Somal-1, Somal-4, or Somal-Nor has been completed. For extra benefits you can take throughout your pro-hormone cycle.

2. Can I take it while I’m taking the SOMAL products? 

Yes, it is always a good idea to add extra protection

3. What is the main function of AFTERMATH? 

The main benefit of AFTERMATH is to protect internal organs such as the heart, kidney, and liver to ensure they are working optimally. 

4. Should I take both pills at once or should I take them at separate times? 

It is ideal to space your servings out approximately 12 hours apart.

5. When should I take AFTERMATH? What time of day? 

The best way to take AFTERMATH is an AM/PM dosing ex: 9am and 9pm. 

6. Do I need to take AFTERMATH with food or no? 

Yes, it is preferable. 

7. How long should I take AFTERMATH for? 

For optimal results, take AFTERMATH for 4 weeks following your cycle or throughout the year for added support

8. Can you explain the key ingredients for me? 

Mucana Puriens are a powerful anti-oxidant specifically aiding in brain health. N-Acetyl Cysteine is an anti-oxidant that is a precursor to glutathione. Studies show it may greatly benefit liver function. Ubiquinol is the free form and much more potent version of Co-Q-10. Ubiquinol can greatly improve cardiac health. 

9. Do I always need to use AFTERMATH after I use the SOMAL products? 

It is strongly advised.

10. Can I use AFTERMATH even if I don’t use the SOMAL products? 

Yes, every ingredient in Aftermath is very beneficial to the body. 

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