I just want to take a minute and say THANK YOU! I had such a blast the past 2 months! It felt AMAZING to feel that drive & passion again running through my veins! I did this whole transformation on my own with the help of REDCON1 supplements! I did my own training! I did my own diet! I didn't have someone pushing me in the gym or holding me accountable but myself! So WIN or LOSE, I'm proud of what I did in these 60days! I hope my transformation will motivate & inspire others. I hope this will show people that you can make big changes in 60 days! I didn't starve myself! I didn't deprive myself of carbs...actually I kept them high! I had 1 cheat meal a week! So when people say "dieting sucks", no it doesn't! You just have to listen to your body & enjoy the process! Could I have dropped more weight & inches by reducing my calories significantly to 800- 1000 calories or even less then that a day? Yes! Could I have dropped even more by depriving myself of carbs & doing 2-3hours of cardio a day? Yes! But instead, I decided to take a healthy approach & enjoy the process so it last longer & I won't get burnt out & quit after this. My goal is to not look like a string bean or become "skinny fat" (where a girl is thin but squishy & no muscle tone). My goal is to drop fat while building muscle at the same time! I would take my photos & measurements every week & adjust my food the following week according to how I looked & felt the previous week! I listened to my body! Am I finished with my transformation? Absolutely NOT! But I am thrilled to share my experience with everyone & what REDCON1 supplements did for me in 60 days! So once again, THANK YOU for this opportunity & hopefully I can inspire others to make a change & give REDCON1 a try if they aren't already!




Since I was a young teenager, I loved to lift weights.   Several times throughout the years, I started to prepare to do a bodybuilding show, but something always prevented me from continuing my quest.   Most recently, five years ago I weighed 250 pounds, mostly muscle, when I developed a severe life-threatening illness that has left me with permanently damaged internal organs and nearly constant pain.   I lost a lot of weight, as well as my desire and ability to train in the gym.

Then I saw the Redcon1 Readiness Trials announcement on Tad Inoue's Facebook post, and I decided to enter to try to get back into shape.   I ordered the Readiness Trials Male Cut Advanced x 2, plus additional Isotope, which Tad recommended, and the Somal-NOR, Somal-4, and Breach Ballistic.   In the past, I dieted and went to the gym, but when I added the Redcon1 products, I became much leaner WITHOUT losing muscle.   I am a testament to the effectiveness to the Redcon1 supplements, and I am continuing to use the products as I pursue my dream of entering a bodybuilding show.

Thank you Redcon1, Tad Inoue, and the many friends and family who have supported me even when I was so sick I thought about quitting!


Hi, my name is TJ Lindsay, I am 25 years old, I live on the Central Coast in California and work as a Software Support Engineer. I have been training for just over 4 years now. When I started out I was 6ft and 135lbs, I know I was tiny. I then bulked up to 190 put on some unwanted fat, as you can properly tell. And have now cut back down to 172! I enjoy training for both strength and hypertrophy. In this last bulk, I hit a 295 bench, 405 squat, and 455 deadlift. I am now prepping for my first Men's Physique show in June and couldn't be more stoked to step on stage!

What really kept me motivated was this competition and my upcoming show. 

I have really enjoyed using Total War, Double Tap, Fade Out, Breach, and Isotope. They are all great products that helped me through this cut and now prep. 

Thank you

Jeremiah vaughan


I am 43 years old and always refused to post any pictures of me being overweight. I was so embarrassed by them and didn't want people to see me like that. It hurt me to look at them, and I couldn't believe I got as big as 185lbs!  In December I looked in the mirror and decided 185 was not acceptable,  I had to make a change for myself and my health. My Cholesterol was through the roof, and due to a bad knee I could barely get up without pain. 

  I was already a Tier Operator for Redcon1, and in Feb I heard Aaron & Darielle Singerman talk about the Readiness Trials. That was what I needed, I decided this is the time to take this more seriously. No one can make this change, but Me. On Feb 6th I weighed 165lbs, I got my butt working out more, eating healthy and taking my Redcon1 Supplement Stack. 

  Due to me suffering from Debilitating Migraines that can put me out for days to a week at times, my workouts cannot raise my pulse to high levels. So I do as much as I can, consisting of gym time, and walking long distance at a medium pace on our Treadmill at home. So it has been a long hard learning curve to see how far I can push my body. I made it though and now it has come to the end of the 60 day Transformation and my weight is 140lbs. I have lost a Total of 25lbs in 60 days!!!!  Since Dec I have lost a total of 55lbs, and I have more confidence and feel a lot better than I did at 185. 

  My goal weight is 120lbs in which I was before having 2 children, I plan continue my weight loss journey and live a more healthy lifestyle. Thank you to Redcon1 for accepting me as a Tier Operator and giving me the Opportunity to find out how Awesome your products are, they have really helped me through my Transformation and gave me a new outlook on life!

The Redcon1 Supplements I used were Isotope, Total War and Double Tap.

Mateusz Roszkowski

My name is Mateusz Roszkowski and I am full time Criminal Justice student at Rutgers University who is looking to pursue a career in law enforcement. I also manage YMCA in town  and happen to be drawn closely into fitness through daily exposure and inspiration of the people i meet on daily basis. My fitness journey started with high school by being varsity wrestler and volleyball player. In addition, I came from Poland when i was 13 and grew up with fitness role model such as Mariusz Pudzinowski who i happen to look up to.

What motivated me through this process is  proving everyone wrong by being a full time student, working full time and still putting 2-3 hours daily at the gym.  A lot of people doubted me based on workload i have been under but i managed to pull through. Also, Dallas Mccarver and his bodybuilding journey gave me the push i needed. He shows heart, trains hard and by looking up to him, I was able to expand my horizon and devote myself to bodybuilding more than ever before.

The products that I could not do it without is Big Noise and Breach, Cluster bomb, Total War, Isotope. The most insane workouts with vein splitting pump and surprisingly quick recovery to do it all over again. These were excellent for pushing harder and recovering quicker. Therefore, Redcon1 brand does provide the great products which cut through the competition and that is a fact. However, what matters most is the mentality behind the brand that will be forever part of my own motto: Highest State of Readiness.

Stephan Decaster

My name is Stephan Decaster. I’m 26 years old. I was born in Curacao and raised on the lovely island of Bonaire. When I was 17 years old I moved to The Netherlands and have been living there ever since. I have one of the best jobs in the world which is being a personal trainer and have been giving personal training for about 5 to 6 years now. Bodybuilding and fitness is my life. I always went out of my way to help everyone to reach their goals. Always forgetting one person, myself. To change this I entered this year with a lot of goals and dreams and the readiness trials has fit right in.

My motivation through this process:

I needed a challenge, something to make me push beyond every limit. So I signed up for the Redcon1 Readiness Trials. Because well, for 10.000 dollars I’m sure to break through every limit. Soon after I started the challenge and seeing my body transform the dream of once standing on a bodybuilding stage came to me again. But this time instead of just dreaming, I told myself it’s either NOW or NEVER. My girlfriend was preparing all my meals and motivating me to continue and do my best. Even my 4 year old son was pushing me to go train and telling me to do my best so we will win. My motivation through all this process came from seeing my family support and motivate me every day and seeing my body transform in front of my eyes. 

What Redcon1 products helped you reach your goals?

I had many different Redcon1 products but the once that I think help me the most are; TOTAL WAR, BIG NOISE, DOUBLE TAP and FADE OUT. Because of the strict diet that I was following I was extremely happy with how TOTAL WAR really lived up to what it’s made for which is an extreme boost of STRENGHT, ENDURANCE and WILLPOWER to train. The PUMP that I got from BIG NOISE was just awesome. I never used a fat burner before DOUBLE TAP, but I can see how fast it worked. It helped me reach a shredded me I have never seen before :D. And well, after an exhausting day of working towards your dreams, it’s time to have a goodnight sleep with the help of FADE OUT!